Personal Assistant Services

If you are really busy you may feel that you need someone in the background to keep you on schedule and gently remind you of those important meetings and upcoming events.

We can manage your diary, giving you due notice of anything that needs to be done. There is no need to ever forget a vital meeting, birthday or anniversary again.

We can also research hotels, business travel needs, arrange your UK and overseas car hire, holidays and other requirements. We can even make bookings and reservations on your behalf, subject to funds being deposited.

Here is a sample of our personal assistant services:-

  • Diary management and reminder service.
  • Business and travel arrangements.
  • Corporate entertainment and events.
  • Corporate travel.
  • Plan and provide full itinerary.
  • Conference organisation.
  • Liaise with contacts provided by client to arrange business meetings.
  • E-mail organisation, filing and general tailored reply.
  • Monthly expenses management.
  • Source promotional gifts for your Company.

Lifestyle Management

When business is very busy and time is scarce, it is often difficult to manage every aspect of your life and a little assistance is sometimes required.

We can help you with the following:-

  • Special occasion gifts for you or your family members.
  • Make personal appointment for you.
  • Research and arrange family holidays.
  • Organise birthday and seasonal cards.
  • Personal reminder service.
  • Send flowers and gifts on your behalf.
  • Organise special events

This list is not exhaustive, if you would like a service which is not listed above, please call +44 7455 354 080 to discuss your requirements.