The rates for our services vary depending on your requirements. Due to the variety of work undertaken and the length of time for each individual task, every assignment or project is priced on an individual basis. Please contact us for a full quotation, which will be tailored to meet your requirements. Rates can be quoted on either an hourly basis or for a complete assignment.


A monthly retainer package can be arranged which guarantees a set number of hours per month. Any un-used hours will be carried over to the following month. Here is an example of retainer packages:-

Package A – 20 hours per month10% discount on hourly rate.
Package B – 30 hours per month15% discount on hourly rate.
Package C – 40 hours per month20% discount on hourly rate.


By providing you with a professional service, Elite Secretarial Support aims to reduce your pressures and offers a stress free pricing structure, with no hidden extras.

  1. There are no membership or joining fees to pay. You will only be charged for the actual time worked which is based on an hourly rate. The hourly rate is billed in increments of 15 minutes and time is rounded up to the nearest quarter of an hour. However, there is a minimum charge of one hour.

  2. The standard hourly rate applies to tasks carried out on a remote basis i.e. home office premises.

  3. Stationery, telephone calls, fax, postage, CDs, printing costs and any other extra will be charged separately.

  4. There is no added commission for any service provider, event venue, flight or anything else booked on your behalf. That is to say, the price you pay is the price which has been quoted to Elite Secretarial Support. We are not trying to make money at your expense. You will always be in control of your budget and you will make the final decision on any booking.

  5. Payments can be made via BACS, cheque or cash.