A virtual assistant (V.A.) is a personal assistant who works remotely as a freelance contractor providing secretarial support. This could range from typing documents, to arranging a staff party, to organising international meetings, whatever you need. A virtual assistant will only charge for the actual time worked and can be flexible due to the fact that they work from a home based office. With no minimum hours and available on an "on demand" basis, virtual employees are probably the most flexible workforce solution available.

Perhaps one of the best things about working with a virtual assistant is that they will become part of your business support system. They can work behind the scenes and create a professional image for your clients. From their home office they can check your e-mails, manage your calendar, make appointments for you and conduct reminder calls. You could also provide your virtual assistant with an e-mail address so that they can deal with your existing clients and provide your potential customers with business information, thus freeing up your time to spend on more pressing business.


Just imagine having someone to take messages on your behalf, deal with your paperwork, organise your appointments, arrange meetings for you and type documents. How much time and effort could this save you to concentrate on servicing your clients and your business?

By choosing to work with a virtual assistant, there should be a relationship whereby your needs and your requirements are discussed and agreed by both parties. The more we get to know about you and your business, the better our relationship can be. A signed confidentiality agreement will be put into place and then you just call as and when you need help. We are here to support you and your business where you need it most.


  • The services of a professional and experienced Executive Assistant.
  • Flexibility outside of normal working office hours.
  • Cost effective only paying for actual hours worked.
  • No employee costs or over-heads.
  • No agency fees to pay for temporary staff.
  • Build up a long term relationship.
  • No set contract of employment with fixed hours and job description.
  • Time saving to free up your time to concentrate on your priorities.
  • No missed meetings or opportunities.
  • Experience all the benefits of a full time assistant but only pay for the time you need.